It always starts with a distress call…

+++This message requires Beta level clearence or higher+++

++++ Open Message ++++
++++ Date: 0139817 M.41 ++++
++++ Astropathic Duct: JB93DA/18 ++++
++++ To: Inquisitor Tycho Sejannus ++++
++++ Cross ref: Inquisitor Astor Sejannus, Watch Commander Diomedies ++++
++++ From: Govenor Mikhael von Draal, Vanir Planetary Govenor ++++
++++ Though for the Day: The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Imperium ++++

Honoured Lords

I am writing to request the aid of the Holy Ordos in a matter that I believe to be of great importance to subsector security. Three days ago a mass transport, the Spero was detected entering the Aurum system. This transport was listed as enroute here to Vanir and was schedualed to arrive in two days time with the rest of the refugee flotilla. Aurum orbital defence was unable to raise the Spero, which then crashed in the equatorial jungle. I know I do not need to stress the importance of agriworlds to the crusade progress, therefore I humbly request the services of your Ordos on Aurum. The Emperor protects.

Humbly Yours,
Govenor von Draal

++++ Close Message ++++

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