Index Astartes: Ordos Xenos


++++ After Action Review ++++
++++ By the order of: Inquisitor Lord Whitlocke ++++
++++ Conducted by: Watch Captain Diomedies, Inquisitor Tycho Sejannus ++++

This after action review is to be conducted at the behest of Lord Inquisitor Whitlocke as per Jericho Reach Ordos standard operating procedures


++++ Disciplinary Hearing ++++
++++ By the order of: Watch Commander Diomedes ++++
++++ Claiments: Brothers Lothar and Markadon ++++

This hearing is to determine the ramification of the incident that took place on 0142817 M.41.
Brother-Librarian Arkio will oversee the psi screening and Broth Diaz will oversee the purity rites


++++ Tournament ++++

A tournament is being held to determine the Kill team champion. Kill teams are required to determine one of their number, through ritual trials, to compete in the tournament of swords. The rituals are being left up to the team leaders discretion.



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