Index Astartes: Ordos Xenos

Salient 1, Mission 1

++++ Inquisition File: D7539, Vermillion clearence or higher ++++
++++ Aurum Investigation *++++
++++ *Date Recorded:
0142817 M.41 ++++
++++ Mission Commander: Brother-Captain Endymion ++++
++++ Mission Second: Brother Markadon ++++
++++ Though for the Day: A Moment of Laxity Spawns a Lifetime of Heresy ++++


Investigate the downed ship

Determine infestation levels in the surrounding area

Targets of oppertunity


  • Landed via Stormraven at sites Alpha (Command section of the ship) and Beta (Enginarium)
  • Discovered tyranid escort craft, Kraken class, attached to Enginarium
  • LZ cleared and Armour dispatched to destroy the escort
  • Ship investigated, no sign of the human biosigns, attacked by Tyrannicus Gladius, Gauntii Virago and Gauntii Gladius in the cargo hold.
  • Using his psychic powers, Brother Arkio was able to divine a concentration of Corporaptor Homonis located in the Enginarium, and after a few probing attacks the kill team was ambushed by a brood, which they defeated.
  • Discovered a Corporaptor Primus in the enginarium and were able to defeat it before calling in a Thunderhawk Annihilator strike on the Kraken

Current Status
Mission complete and the kill-team has regrouped aboard the Blade of Purity. Will be conducting an AAR review with both teams, and I believe that Diomedies will be interviewing the team as well.




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