Index Astartes: Ordos Xenos

Salient 1, Mission 3

++++ Inquisition File: G1215, Beta Clearance only, For Ordos Xenos eyes only++++
++++ Contract Termination of Rogue Trader Haupman Dieter van Caliptyo the XVIII *++++
++++ *Date Recorded:
0148817 M.41 ++++
++++ Mission Commander: Brother-Captain Endymion ++++
++++ Mission Second: Brother Castiel ++++
++++ Though for the Day: Knowledge is Power, Hide it Well ++++


Revoke the writ of trade of Rogue Trader Haupman Dieter van Caliptyo the XVIII

Ensure the safe delivery of ship out of the Black Reef

Secure and protect Interrogator Blael, who is masquerading as armsman Bhurgen
Targets of oppertunity

Captain Van Calyptio commands the Dawnlight, a modified Dauntless class light cruiser.

Mission logs
Kill team 2-2 launched aboard Sabre 1, on silent running Inquisitor Tycho deploys along with elements from the 116th Calixian Inquisitorial Stormtrooper regiment aboard and Aquilla Lander, designated Oculus

Oculus docked with the Dawnlight while Sabre 1 docked near the ships enginarium Tycho meets with Captain von Calyptio.

After 45 minutes Oculus disengages from the Dawnlight



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