Brother Auric


It was by the baptism of War in which Auric was truly formed, for he entered the conflict in the Contqual subsector as an initiate. Eager to prove his worth to the clan company and was not a waste of material like so many other chapter serfs that failed and did not have the common decency to simply die. Suffice it to say that he was deemed acceptable to Clan Company Kaargul, led by the most revered Warleader Bannus.

It was there that our chapter displayed the price of weakness to the defeated by slaying 1 in 10 of all the occupants of the world. Auric states that they were too lenient, for a mere 10% of the population to be exterminated was not enough of a show of our power. He believes should have made it one in three, That would have been a reminder of the fury of the Iron Hands and the benevolence of the Emperor.

So after the pacification of Contqual Auric was chosen to train the next groups of initiates. Determined to ensure that only the most worthy of applicants managed to make it to initatehood and claim the name of Iron hand he instituted the most gruelling of initial tests. All applicants who went through him must be capable of besting a combat servitor in single combat. Two weeks prior to this test he trained the applicants personally in hand to hand combat, giving them the skills required to best this challenge. “A man who can fight using his mind is far more useful that a man who can land a lucky blow” he once said inpatiently to a squad of initiates who were all by mortal standards very strong and tough. “A marine is given great strength and stamina when he takes up the mantle of an Iron Hand. There is a reason why there are no stupid Adeptus, they all died before they reached the level of initiate.”

None of the recruits that failed his test survived, for he deemed it more useful to be broken down and reformed into servitors. He has fought in other skirmishes and raids against xenos, but it was his ruthlessness in training, and indeed creating some of the most dangerous new initiates for his Clan earned him the attention of the Deathwatch. That and his aptitude for being able to repair and maintain virtually a company’s worth of training bolters single handedly.

Brother Auric

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