Brother Markadon

Casualty of War


Early Career.
Brother Markadon served his most notable years in the tactical squads of the 4th company of the Dark Angels. From the beginning Markadon developed a rising hate for the enemies of the Imperium. The mutants. The heretics but most of all, Markadon hated the heretics. Though Markadon could be described as sullen and quiet, this changes when battle is joined…particularly when the traitor legions of once loyal Imperial subjects are involved. Markadon would be among the first to volunteer his services to crush them. Markadon would take special care with any field prisoners to use terror and pain to extract any and all information they might be hiding.

It is said that during his third combat engagement Markadon interrogated upwards of fifteen prisoners earning him recognition from the commanding Chaplin for his relentlessness in the pursuit of information that could be used to the advantage of his squad.

3rd Moon of Bellis

When the rebellion on the 3rd moon of Bellis began the 4th company was roused to retake the gem mines. From the moment they made planet fall under the guns of enemy forces, Markadon had engaged with enthusiastic aggression. His Squad had been pulled aside by their leader. Orders had been passed down to enter the mine and secure a specially marked location. While they where told nothing else by command, the importance of this location was not to be underestimated. It had been top secret…and it had to be taken.

Hot bolter fire cut down enemy forcers In droves but they came in waves and waves. During an ambush the heretics used their knowledge of the tunnels to their advantage to bring down an entire corridor, crushing all but Markadon and his battle brother Varus, though his life was slowly draining away. Marakdons sheer aggression and eluctance to make use of cover may have been what saved him. The two marines had a brief chance to escape. There had been a window in time that they could stop themselves from being trapped….However Markadon walked away from it. He scoffed at the idea of escape. The objective lay in the opposite direction and they had a job to do.

Off any map and lost, the two marines found the entrance. They had no access codes so they dug in for the last stand that may or may not have arrived. Hours turned to days. Varus lay dead after fighting hard for two weeks and still Markadon waited buried beneath tons of concrete, mason, and beautiful gems. The glittering surroundings would be his tomb.

The Imperial excavation team had taken three and a half weeks to dig it’s way into the corridor and Met them. Shortly after light spilled into the tunnel Markadon was dismissed and debriefed. Everything he had done, seen, and participated in was now classified by the highest authority his chapter could offer. That door did not exist. Whatever had been behind it was a mystery to Markadon . This battle had been the event that set the deathwatches eyes upon Markadon, and though he fought alongside his chapter in a few more engagements….Markadon was shortly after taken for further training in the Deathwatch.

Brother Markadon

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