Lothar Wavebreaker

Casualty of War


Gather around the fire and hear the wisdom of your forbearers.
Hear a tale of lost honour and of a Lone Wolf

Many of you think yourselves invincible. That only Glory and Triumph await you. And for many that indeed lies ahead once you younglings can master your fury and lust for battle. For others an early death awaits. Indeed death is the only end for us all, for there are many enemies of the All Father. But do not know fear for after death we will go to the great feasting hall to rejoice with our forbearers and await the times of woe for our return and the final battle.

Or is it all of us?

Listen closely younglings. For this is a cautionary tale, of woe and tragedy.

This is the story of the Honour Seeker.

Once he was a noble and proud son of Russ. Ferocious and strong, but also wise in his wits and understanding of the gloried battlefield.

This tale stared just like all of yours. Sitting at a fire much like this listening to his teachers as you do now. Brash and strong he was, but rarely did he boast of his own glories. Instead he was wise and kept himself from bragging more then his share as many of you younglings are oft to do. He did not do this for the sake of humility. Indeed I have yet met a truly humble Son of Russ. Instead he did it for his brothers so that they might shine brighter for their mentors and betters. Indeed on many a battle field, after victory he stood watch while the other younglings gave themselves to revelry.

Eventually, as is with all things of our Chapter, his pack was thinned and experience tempered the blood claw and his pack and they were born up to become Grey Hunters. Wise and tactful. In had they bore the Bolt Gun and Chainsword, blessed by the Iron priest of Ashienhiem and the Fang. With those sacred implements they drove onto the foes of the blessed Imperium. It was during one such battle that it the Doom Seeker first earned the notice of our Lord.

It was on Calfin IV in defence of the last of The Emporium’s bastion fortresses against the Whaggg Rustskull. He and his pack along with one of the Lords honoured Wolf guard held post on the Southern gate which faced a great gorge. The Bridge that connected it to the other side long since destroyed for tactical advantage. Indeed the Pack had been stationed there only because it was a ready place to redeploy to any other wall that the Greenskins may advance upon.

But Ruskskull was nefarious, abnormally so for the most mad of orks. For instead of assaulting from the main entrance to the North, he had constructed a great Flying mechanical beast, to cross the gorge and come in from below the wall and safe from the walls guns… indeed the behemoth was missed right until it hurled itself at the now neigh abandoned gate and pierced threw it with its armoured maw. Once locked onto the edge of the cliff its gapping jaws spewed forth a green tide, with only the Seekers pack standing in its way.

And Stand they did.

Blessed bolter spewed furious death at the abominations and righteous chainswords roared as they rent asunder bone and flesh. Yet still step by step they were forced back under the endless tide that spewed from the belly of the great flying monstrosity. Even as reinforcements were scrambling to arrive Wolf Guard Fenrin was struck down by the Claw of a titanic Nob and the pack was faced with annihilation the Seeker took up the fallen Wolf Standard and plunged its adamantine tip into the skull of the Nob, Killing the foul creature and uttering a howl that shook the startled greenskins to their core. In those few moments the Pack rallied around the seeker, and threw themselves into the gaping maw of the behemoth chocking it with their armoured forms, slaying anything that approached to leave. Buying the Defenders of the Bastion time to bring up heavy weapons and pound the atrocity of a machine off the cliff and down to the depths of the gorge. The great hulk tipped over and fell just as the seeker stepped off, the last of his pack to leave.

It was then the lord found the seeker and his pack, battered and mauled but alive and having won a great victory for the Bastion. It was on that spot that our lord appointed the Seeker to his personal Retinue and to the station of Wolf Guard. Indeed many say it was that one moment, when the atrocity fell from the cliff that the tide had changed on Calfin IV.

However the tale does not end there younglings… for indeed the Seeker had many battles of ahead of him like all of us. And it was on Tyathon II that he had his last as a Wolf Guard. Tyathon II is an imperial world, and for a great time it was peaceful and its peoples loyal. But like many worlds across the imperium its noble castes grew into debauchery and delved into things beyond them. In doing so they damned themselves and those who followed them. As such when our great company arrived to cleanse the impure, we were faced with the PDF forces turned against the imperium by blind loyalty. They fought very hard and died valiantly against such a superior force in the capital of the world. However it was here the Doom Seeker began his tail of woe.

As He and the pack of younglings he led stormed one of the many bunkers around the palace his howl rang out, joined by his charge of Blood Claws. For he was not one to stifle the young but instead direct them at a proper target, indeed he and the pack had become close in their many battles and victories. They breached the Doors with ease and soon they were in the thick of the slaughter of the renegade PDF forces. It was during a lull in the killing that The Seeker realized this was more then just another defensive structure… indeed beneath it set complex cognitive devices that seemed to be controlling several of the Palaces primary defensive measures… He also quickly realized from its display that the small force inside the bunker was quickly going to be reinforced. Armour and battle tanks rolled towards their position followed by combat infantry. Enough to overwhelm even the blessed sons of Russ.

He of course could not allow that. To die in the tracks of a tank is no glorious way to for a Space wolf to die…. Which is to say you fools shouldn’t be charging tank divisions on your own… understand? Good… anyway… where was I? Oh yes… So instead he decided to collapse the Bunker in on top of the cognitive engines. For even with all his might there was no way to destroy the well secured machines. Only disable them and prevent their repair. And so he and his pack quickly set up what little charges they had in hopes of levelling the bunker.

It was then they began to take their leave of the doomed facility. Even as they fled The Seeker heard and felt the cracks of small arms fire from all around them as the renegades poured into the bunker. But still he pressed away looking to clear the bunker before it detonated killing those who would try and restore the defences.

The explosion was enough to balloon the bunker from the inside, magazines catching light and sending bits of the bunker in all directions. One Struck the Seeker down and into unconsciousness as he turned to make sure his charges were following in good order…

A short time later he awoke to the sounds of bolters and chainswords and the detonation of tanks… and found himself looking up to myself as I tended his wounds. He asked me how the battle fared, grinning lightly despite the pain. We of course were sweeping across the remains of the PDF renegade defensive forces in the Palace, the heretics already killed and order restored to the planet. He went on to explain how his packs actions had disabled the defences. I was at the Eastern flank which suddenly crumpled without reason so it gave his words credit. It was then he asked about his pack. Grumbling about how they left the old man asleep while they went and snatched the glory… it was then I was forced to tell him that they had turned back to face those in the bunker… their hunger for battle, The same hunger that roars in you all…threw them to their dooms… for you see I had thought the battle had detonated the bunker prematurely during their withdrawal… I was wrong. And I realized this when I saw the cold look of disbelief as he looked down in his armoured gauntlet he held the detonator… Before I could stop him a single word was uttered and I knew it was too late. “kinslayer”…

You look at me with disbelief. Is it really that hard to understand? How many times have I had to strike you younglings to bring you back in line when you think there is glory to be had? Perhaps now you will think twice before throwing yourselves into the crossfire and not disgrace your brothers by risking them hitting you?

The Honour Seeker was lost from that point on… He declared himself a Lone Wolf to seek his end so that he might find at least some measure of honour. The Seeker was a sift a runner as any. Often running along side the wolves he helped raise, but when one is confined to his legs… one falls behind the greater force. And so he was denied his proper end… time after time after time. Loathing for himself grew despite his best efforts to remain steadfast. He knew he was a disgrace to his lord and company… And so he requested to be sent away… anywhere so that he might find his Honour again. And sent away he was.

But I hope for another way then to be forgotten for the ages… For you must never give up hope… that is the one spark of light in this tragic tale. If… IF The Honour Seeker can reclaim his Name, Slay a great foe or commit some great act that the Saga’s must remember… Then perhaps the Honour Seeker will have his name restored to the annuals. But this will need to be witnessed and recounted. How or by whom matters little. The seeker Must make his saga to be made whole again. I only hope I can be the one who writes his name back into the story of our Great Chapter and recount his saga with joy again.

But enough of this old wolfs ramblings… away with you! There are trolls amongst these hills to test yourselves against. Go!

Lothar Wavebreaker

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