Index Astartes: Ordos Xenos

Salient 1, Mission 4

++++ War Journal Chaplain Titus Strome ++++
++++ Operations on Veren++++
++++ Date Recorded: 0161877 M.41 ++++
++++ Mission Commander: Chaplain Titus Strome ++++
++++ Mission Second: Forgemaster Harl Greyweaver ++++
++++ Though for the Day: Death is the Servant of the Righteous++++


Exfiltrate Veren by any means

Ascertain the reason for Tau presence on Veren

Targets of oppertunity


Salient 1, Mission 3

++++ Inquisition File: G1215, Beta Clearance only, For Ordos Xenos eyes only++++
++++ Contract Termination of Rogue Trader Haupman Dieter van Caliptyo the XVIII *++++
++++ *Date Recorded:
0148817 M.41 ++++
++++ Mission Commander: Brother-Captain Endymion ++++
++++ Mission Second: Brother Castiel ++++
++++ Though for the Day: Knowledge is Power, Hide it Well ++++


Revoke the writ of trade of Rogue Trader Haupman Dieter van Caliptyo the XVIII

Ensure the safe delivery of ship out of the Black Reef

Secure and protect Interrogator Blael, who is masquerading as armsman Bhurgen
Targets of oppertunity

Captain Van Calyptio commands the Dawnlight, a modified Dauntless class light cruiser.

Mission logs
Kill team 2-2 launched aboard Sabre 1, on silent running Inquisitor Tycho deploys along with elements from the 116th Calixian Inquisitorial Stormtrooper regiment aboard and Aquilla Lander, designated Oculus

Oculus docked with the Dawnlight while Sabre 1 docked near the ships enginarium Tycho meets with Captain von Calyptio.

After 45 minutes Oculus disengages from the Dawnlight

Salient 1, Mission 2

++++ Inquisition File: D1152, Omega Clearance only, to be sealed after completion of mission. ++++
++++ Return of the Abriels Glory++++
++++ Date Recorded: 0144817 M.41 ++++
++++ Mission Commander: Watch Commander Diomedies ++++
++++ Mission Second: Brother-Captain Endymion ++++
++++ Though for the Day: It is Better to Die for the Emperor then Live for Yourself ++++


Ascertain the status of the Crusade command staff

Protect ship as it is towed to Vanir
Retrieve ships logic engine memory units

Retrieve Ships Cognitae cores
Retrieve Sensonarium logs
Targets of oppertunity


  • Kill-teams 1-1, 2-1, and 3-1 arrived onboard the Abriel’s Glory via boarding torpedoes, while Kill-team 2-2 arrive via Thunderhawk in support. (0:00 m)
  • Kill team 3-1 reached the Cognitae core and began the data dump (+8:26 m)
  • Blade of Purity translates out of system after the arrival of the Amon’s Sword (+8:45 m)
  • Kill team 2-2 reached the Sensonarium and began copying logs (+10:18 m)
  • Unidentified Warp contact Amon’s sword moves to investigate (+24:14 m)
  • Amons Sword is engaged by a pair of unidentified Iconoclast Raiders, while a third breaks off and heads to the Abriel’s Glory (+27:55 m)
  • Third Iconoclast launches boarding craft and extends boarding tubes (+42:41 m)
  • Primary threats, codenamed White Angel confirmed, Engaged by Kill-Team 1-1 near the bridge (+45:01 m)
  • Kill-Team 2-1 is seconded to support team 1-1 on the bridge (+45:37 m)
  • Calth protocol is activated (+45:16 m)
  • Kill-team 3-1 is engaged by White Angel forces, primary threats confirmed (+48:29 m)
  • Kill-team 2-1 is ambushed by secondary threats en route to the bridge (+50:41 m)
  • Kill-team 1-1 confirms primary objective retrieved (+54:17 m)
  • Kill-team 2-2 is engaged by secondary threats (+55:52 m)
  • Kill Team 3-1 reports that White Angel are extracting geneseed from the fallen, and eating it. Brother Aethus is killed (+57:01 m)
  • Kill team 1-1 engages warp anomaly, Brother Bellatron is killed (+60:45 m)
  • Brothers Markadon and Wavebreaker board the Iconoclast (+60:58 m)
  • Kill team 2-2 secure the Icarus PDS on level 14
  • All contact with brothers Wavebreaker and Markadon is lost, Fusion core implosion detected on the raiders ship (+62:23 m)
  • Amon’s Sword reports destruction of the first two raiders (+66:15 m)
  • Traitor forces withdraw from the Abriel’s glory (+71:05 m)
  • White Angel escape through ++++ REDACTED ++++, fourth contact confimed (+72:00 m)
  • Fourth contact confirmed as the Hand of Destiny, when then translates out of system. (+72: 53 m)
  • Blade of Purity docks with the Amons Sword and retrieves the kill-teams (+77: 34 m)

Current Status
Blade of Purity is to rendezvous with the Flame of Terra where kill teams 1-1 and 3-1 will transfer under command of Brother-Captain Pavonis of the Raven Guard to Watch Station Midael. Kill teams 2-1 and 2-2 will return to Watch Station Erioch


++++ After Action Review ++++
++++ By the order of: Inquisitor Lord Whitlocke ++++
++++ Conducted by: Watch Captain Diomedies, Inquisitor Tycho Sejannus ++++

This after action review is to be conducted at the behest of Lord Inquisitor Whitlocke as per Jericho Reach Ordos standard operating procedures


++++ Disciplinary Hearing ++++
++++ By the order of: Watch Commander Diomedes ++++
++++ Claiments: Brothers Lothar and Markadon ++++

This hearing is to determine the ramification of the incident that took place on 0142817 M.41.
Brother-Librarian Arkio will oversee the psi screening and Broth Diaz will oversee the purity rites


++++ Tournament ++++

A tournament is being held to determine the Kill team champion. Kill teams are required to determine one of their number, through ritual trials, to compete in the tournament of swords. The rituals are being left up to the team leaders discretion.

Salient 1, Mission 1

++++ Inquisition File: D7539, Vermillion clearence or higher ++++
++++ Aurum Investigation *++++
++++ *Date Recorded:
0142817 M.41 ++++
++++ Mission Commander: Brother-Captain Endymion ++++
++++ Mission Second: Brother Markadon ++++
++++ Though for the Day: A Moment of Laxity Spawns a Lifetime of Heresy ++++


Investigate the downed ship

Determine infestation levels in the surrounding area

Targets of oppertunity


  • Landed via Stormraven at sites Alpha (Command section of the ship) and Beta (Enginarium)
  • Discovered tyranid escort craft, Kraken class, attached to Enginarium
  • LZ cleared and Armour dispatched to destroy the escort
  • Ship investigated, no sign of the human biosigns, attacked by Tyrannicus Gladius, Gauntii Virago and Gauntii Gladius in the cargo hold.
  • Using his psychic powers, Brother Arkio was able to divine a concentration of Corporaptor Homonis located in the Enginarium, and after a few probing attacks the kill team was ambushed by a brood, which they defeated.
  • Discovered a Corporaptor Primus in the enginarium and were able to defeat it before calling in a Thunderhawk Annihilator strike on the Kraken

Current Status
Mission complete and the kill-team has regrouped aboard the Blade of Purity. Will be conducting an AAR review with both teams, and I believe that Diomedies will be interviewing the team as well.



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