These are my out of character after action reviews for our missions or sessions. I woudl liek a lot of feedback here, so we can make it better for everyone. For the Mission Records click here

AAR for mission 2

Good use of your environments Going for the turret was an inspired choice, there were other options, but you never looked into them, I like to leave clues, but I never find that you look into detail, for example, you guys could have accessed a cargo manifest and found a Leman Russ in the cargo hold and used that, but you can’t have everything.

Paying attention You gave the respect to the mission objectives that I am proud you did. You stayed focused on your goals while the world fell apart all around you.

WHY WHY WHY did you go on the ship alone? splitting up can be a good thing, but not charging off into a equally powerful enemies home base without support. I really wanna hear why.

Literal Unlike the Imperial Guard the Space Marines, especially the Deathwatch, foster initiative. You are given very broad mission objectives and its up to you to complete them however you see fit, as long as they get completed and don’t cost too many lives then no one cares how its done.

Squad Powers and solo mode abilities come on guys, come on…


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