Brother Markadon

++++ Inquisitorial File ++++

Name: Brother Markadon
Rank: Squad Leader
Chapter: Dark Angels
Skill set: Tactical Marine
Psych Profile: Scornful
Personal History: ++++ Sealed by order of Inquisitor Breght ++++
Notable Achievements: Incident on Aurum between him and Brother Aurum, Leaving to internal kill team discipline
Citations: Selected by kill team to represent them in the Tournament of Blades
Disciplinary Actions taken:
- Suffered the destruction of his left forearm battling the Tyranids on Aurum

Inquisitors remarks
Brother Markadon is an odd pick for squad leader, I trust Watch-Commander Diomedes judgement implicitly, and Markadons psych scans and profiling set him up as exceptional, but I feel as if he is trying to find himself as a leader. I think without him as a cohesive leader, the squad will continue to work as many isolated elements standing as lone islands in the sea, rather then as a kill team. I eagerly await the upcoming after action review.


Brother Markadon

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