The Deathwatch Presence

Kill Team 1

Watch Captain Diomedes: Ultramarines
Codicer Van Thellus: Exorcists
Brother Sergeant Stiener: Black Templars
Brother Morkoth: Sons of Medusa
Brother Coranus: Knights of the Raven
Brother Brennan: Knights Unyielding
Brother Morelo: Blood Angels
Brother M’thep: Sons of Anubis
Brother B’kal: Salamanders

Kill Team 2

Brother-Captain Endymion: White Consuls
Lexicanum Montresor: Raven Guard
Brother Decius: Ultramarines
Brother Auric: Iron Hands
Lexicanum Arkio: Blood Angels
Brother Taric: Iron Knights
Brother-Apothecary Diaz: Crimson Fists

Kill Team 3

Brother Asadus: Dark Angels
Brother Gaius: Ultramarines
Lexicanum Maclyr: Storm Wardens
Brother Pizella: Raven Guard
Brother Dane: Black Templars
Brother-Sergeant Orlok: Blood Drinkers

Command Elements

Chaplain Titus Strome: Imperial Fists
Codicier Nazellus: Disciples of Caliban
Brother Captain Servais: Raven Guard
Forgemaste Harl Greyweaver: Space wolves
Forge Master Mac Zi Ven: Storm Wardens

The Deathwatch Presence

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